Say What's Wrong and Make It Right

Proven system that develops children's independence in conflict resolution and communication

At Say What's Wrong and Make It Right we are focused on providing hands-on training for parents, educators, entire student bodies, counselors, youth workers, and grandparents. Our workshops provide the experience and materials to establish this process in your home, school, or business immediately. We are readily available for follow-up support in person, by phone, or through our website..

The program creator, Karen Taylor-Bleiker, MA in Person-Centered Education, has spent over thirty years field testing, and honing Say What's Wrong and Make It Right with thousands of children in and out of the classroom. She has trained students, principals, teachers, staff, counselors, youth workers, and parents in communication and problem-solving skills in pre-schools, elementary schools, and the Orange County Department of Education. During that same period, she presented and trained at universities and leadership conferences in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida.

For thirty-nine years, Taylor-Bleiker taught kindergarten through fifth grade in the Tustin Unified School District (TUSD). She served as Mentor Teacher for TUSD. Two of those years were dedicated to teaching Say What's Wrong and Make It Right and one was to support and develop Peer Assistant Leader programs throughout TUSD.

For eleven years she was an Advisor, Trainer, and Program Developer for student Peer Assistant Leaders at Estock Elementary School in Tustin.  

For fifteen years she has been training teachers, counselors, principals, and school personnel for the Orange County Department of Education in the fields of Conflict Resolution and Peer Assistant Leadership.