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Harmonious Homework Hints 101A

Posted on 8 September, 2015 at 16:45

If this idea appeals to you, the following quiz may be the best test you have ever taken.  There is no grade.  It is just a guide to assist you in finding ways to create greater harmony around homework.  It is written in three parts: A) Setting the Time; B) Setting the Place; and C) Setting the Mood. Parts B & C will follow in the days to come.

Setting the Time

1.  Does your child have a homework schedule in place?

2.  Is the homework plan individualized for each child (as much as possible)?

3.  Is a different schedule needed for each day because of a variety of after school activities?

4.  Does your child need to:

  • have a snack first?
  • have a break before starting homework?
  • complete homework before sports due to fatigue afterward?
  • do a form of phsical activity first in order to be more focused and less fidgety?
5.  Does your family set time aside to do non-electronic activities during homework time? 

6.  Did your child and you plan the schedule together?

Remember, ownership and follow-through are created when input comes through the child's brain and mouth.

If you are able to answer "YES!" to any of the questions above, congratulate yourself.  Since it is a new school year, it may be easy to incorporate some of the other hints in your repertoire.

I would love to hear from parents, teachers, tutors, and anyone else that has found any of the above hints useful.  Also, please feel free to share any other ideas that have contributed to happier and more successful homework times.  In the next few days I will address 101B, Setting the Place and 101C, Setting the Mood.


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